Stages of Painting

First coat of paint, after the drawing was done. I now need to allow for drying time, before starting the subject.

Subject mainly done, now for final corrections and finishing off the surroundings!

The finished painting-- Natalie Blundell & Algebra @ AIHT 2011

This page shows the stages of painting I go through to get the finished result.

The first stage is to draw the image onto the canvas, thinking about design and composition. I use the computer to help me do this. When happy with the arrangement and drawing, I apply the first coat of paint. I like to start the background first.
This first coat is thin and dark to highlight the darks, and is finished off with lighter tones in thicker paint.
I then allow this to dry before starting on the main subject. I use the same method as doing the background, lean and dark first, followed by thick and light.
I have to allow this to dry before doing the fine detail, and lastly I need time to study the painting to do final corrections. Often this stage can take the longest as I have to make sure everything is correct!
Once finished, I sign and photograph the painting before sending a final pic to the customer for approval.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the finished painting looking great, knowing all the effort that has gone into it, and seeing the smiles on the faces of my customers as they recognise their beloved horse! 

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10.05 | 00:45

i love you lots. emily
i showed people in my class your work! they think its amazing xx

12.11 | 10:42

Great pics - u must b so wealthy ;)

11.11 | 05:18

Yes absolutely, I crrently have a boarder collie ,kelpie cross, and love her to bits! Would love to do that for you!

11.11 | 05:05

excellent stuff :) do you do border-collie kelpie cross portraits, I have 1 painting that you did that I love need another of our current dog.