"Gill Rolton & Peppermint Grove", competeing at their last event in Adelaide.

"Stuart Tinney & Vittori", oil on canvas, commissioned by the Tinneys.

"Christopher Burton & Newsprint", winners CCI **** 2009, at presentation. Oil on canvas, sold.

"C. Burton & Newsprint--XC, 2009", oil on canvas.

"Sonia Johnson & Pariarrup Illicit Liason", competing at Adelaide 2009. Oil on canvas, commissioned work.

"Heath Ryan & Flame" Adelaide 2008, oil on canvas

"Megan Jones & Kirby Park Irish Jester" first at AIHT. Oil on canvas.

"Stuart Tinney competing in Adelaide'. Oil on canvas, sold to Karen Tinney as gift for Stuart's 40th birthday.

"Stuart Tinney', oil on canvas

"Stuart Tinney & Vitori" @AIHT 2009, oil on canvas

'Sonja Johnson & Ringwould Jaguar', oil on canvas, 2nd CCI**** 2009 Australian International Horse Trials. Painting sold to fan.

Algebra & Natalie Blundell @ AIHT 2011, oil on canvas SOLD to owners of the horse.

Flowervale Maserati and Will Enzinger, winners of the 2* @ AIHT 2012. Painting currently shortlisted for Inglis Equine Art Prize.

Chris Burton & TS Jamaimo winning the 4* at the Australian International Horse Trials in 2013

"Victory Lap", Chris Burton & TS Jamaimo, 2013

I love equestrian sports and visit the Australian International Horse Trials every year to photograph the 'action'. I then paint the winners of the four star, and any other good shot I take. Here are some photo's of my work.

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10.05 | 00:45

i love you lots. emily
i showed people in my class your work! they think its amazing xx

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Great pics - u must b so wealthy ;)

11.11 | 05:18

Yes absolutely, I crrently have a boarder collie ,kelpie cross, and love her to bits! Would love to do that for you!

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excellent stuff :) do you do border-collie kelpie cross portraits, I have 1 painting that you did that I love need another of our current dog.