"Benny, Badger & Baillie", oil on canvas

"My Pony", oil on canvas

"Junior", oil on canvas

"Arab", pencil on paper

"Cassie & Duffy", oil on canvas

"Emma & her horse", oil on canvas

"My baby", oli on canvas

"Stallion", pencil on paper

"BJ", oil on canvas, commission donated by Equine Art, to help raise money for local pony club. "You have really captured his likeness!", Jed.

"Smilie" oil on canvas Cherished memoryof a beloved friend.

"Moon" Oil on canvas gift for our pony club secretary who lost her best friend last year!

"My latest arrival", oil on canvas, commissioned for the owner.

A horse painting preserves that special relationship you have with your horse. Karen captures that moment in time, and diplays it in a classic work of art.

Latest comments

10.05 | 00:45

i love you lots. emily
i showed people in my class your work! they think its amazing xx

12.11 | 10:42

Great pics - u must b so wealthy ;)

11.11 | 05:18

Yes absolutely, I crrently have a boarder collie ,kelpie cross, and love her to bits! Would love to do that for you!

11.11 | 05:05

excellent stuff :) do you do border-collie kelpie cross portraits, I have 1 painting that you did that I love need another of our current dog.