Australian International Horse Trials

My show stand at Adelaide 2008

Karen & Stuart Tinney with me at the AIHT 2009

Heath Ryan and myself with my painting of Flame at AIHT. Heath loves this painting as it depicts him waving to the crowd after he has cleared the water jump!

Gillian Rolton with her painting of Peppermint Grove at his last event in Adelaide. This painting brought back a lot of memories for Gill, "Freddie" a horse she will always love and remember!

I have had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Australian International Horse trials In Adelaide for some time now. During this time I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the stars of the Australian eventing scene.

I have loved painting them and their horses, as they do a sport that I love and admire. I hope to capture the energy and power of their magnificent horses, and the bravery shown by their riders, in my artwork.

You can see some examples of this on my eventing page.

Latest comments

10.05 | 00:45

i love you lots. emily
i showed people in my class your work! they think its amazing xx

12.11 | 10:42

Great pics - u must b so wealthy ;)

11.11 | 05:18

Yes absolutely, I crrently have a boarder collie ,kelpie cross, and love her to bits! Would love to do that for you!

11.11 | 05:05

excellent stuff :) do you do border-collie kelpie cross portraits, I have 1 painting that you did that I love need another of our current dog.